Custom Integrators

  • No longer will proposals pile up, put on a back burner while other fires are put out.
  • Every project will have accurate equipment, materials, time budgets and support documentation.
  • Product information and pricing will always be current without having to spend hours updating and maintaining a database.
  • Every project will get the full attention of an experienced and dedicated industry professional.

About Us

At Audio Design, Inc. our goal is simple: To provide our clients with timely and accurate proposal generation and system documentation. Audio Design, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Curt Hayes, a 20 year veteran of the residential system integration industry. His understanding of the challenges presented from initial design to final installation resulted in the creation of Audio Design, Inc., a company dedicated to the business of Audio/Video & Automation design and documentation. These services are provided on an outsource basis to custom integration companies and on a consulting basis to Architects, Interior Designers and Homeowners.

While the concept of outsourcing design and documentation is new to the residential sector, the benefits are immediate and obvious:

Building Professionals

Architects, Contractors and Interior Design Professionals

  • Team with an objective and unbiased 3rd party A/V & Automation expert to help work through the maze of technology options and questions.
  • Determine realistic budgets for each client based on a detailed specification package including System Block diagram, Scope of Work, System Proposal and Working Drawings.
  • Select a contractor through a formal bid process, ensuring the best price and service for every project.

In a world of rapid change, it is difficult to stay current on product information and advances in technology. Audio Design, Inc. does, continuously adding to our database of products in an effort to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and up-to-date systems. Using the power of a highly customized D-Tools database, we carefully craft each proposal striving always to deliver timely and accurate proposals and system documentation.

Supported Manufacturers